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The Laser Lash and Brow Academy is proud to offer Laser Training Courses!

High tech treatment:

The aesthetic industry has become high-tech in the last decade. Even the smallest home-based salon now has a handful of machines. And in most countries around the world there are few regulations to many of the new technologies. Most salon owners simply order their equipment online from another country. But, where do you learn how to get the most from your equipment. And provide you clients with a superior experience and results. On completion of this course you will know what other therapists don’t know. Less than 2% of aesthetic and beauty therapists seeks advanced, in-depth science-based training once they completed their basic training. Completing the Advanced Aesthetic Technologist Course puts you light years ahead of 98% of the industry. But, what does it actually mean to you?


Included in the training:
• You provide your clients with the results they seek. Because you know and understand the science behind the technologies you work with, you provide results on demand, not by luck

• You understand what makes a machine or other piece of equipment useful. Thus, you will not only save thousands when you purchase equipment. You will also know how to purchase equipment that deliver the results you expect

• You will understand how to combine different technologies. This means that you are always ahead of the pack. You have the knowledge and imagination to design signature treatments that your competition cannot do

• On completion, you get a certificate accredited in 136 countries world-wide. This training is in South Africa, underwritten by the Department of Health Radiation Control.


We teach you how to:
• Achieve consistent treatment results

•Understand the light-tissue interaction enabling the treatment

• Choose your treatment parameters

• Laser + IPL + LED + Microdermabrasion + Microneedling + High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)+High-Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy (HIFEM / HI-EMT)

The Advanced Aesthetic Technologist Course Is An In-Depth, Scientifically-Based Course That Allows You To Excel. This Advanced Aesthetic Technologist Course takes you on a journey of discovery and helps you discover and understand all aspects of a wide range of treatments with various technologies. It helps you make sense of your equipment, the treatment protocols, client interaction and results. You’ll learn through a combination of videos, assignments, reading, and live consultations with other therapists.


Start your training today


You will find an extensive range of lash extensions, glue, tweezers and more in our store.

In addition to our live courses, we also offer some of our courses in the form of online training.

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