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The Laser Lash and Brow Academy is proud to offer Laser Training Courses!

High tech treatment:

The Avant-Garde Laser Therapist Course is an in-depth, scientifically-based course that allows you to excel. The Avant-garde Laser Therapist course is the most complete laser and light-based training you will enjoy online and offline. It is a high-quality practical, scientifically-based course that takes you through a complete journey of learning and discovery. This is a training program that takes you by the hand and helps you study and understand all aspects of laser and light therapy. It helps you make sense of your equipment, the treatment protocols, client interaction and results.


The Avant-garde Laser Therapist course teaches you how to:
• Achieve consistent treatment results

• Understand the light-tissue interaction enabling the treatment

• Choose your treatment parameters

• Improve your client relationships

•You’ll learn through a combination of videos, assignments, reading, and live consultations with other therapist

The Avant-garde Laser Therapist course is an all-inclusive 11 module course with training on topics like:

• Laser Physics

•Radiation-tissue Interaction

•Laser Safety

•Legal issues

•Low Level Laser Therapy

•Class IV lasers & IPLs (hair removal, tattoo removal, vascular & pigmentation treatments)

• Skin Biology

• Hair Biology

• Light Therapy in Practice

• Ablative Lasers

• And more...


The laser college mark of quality:

Our students are popular all over the world. To such extent that we get request from clinics and employers on a daily basis to refer students to them on completion of their studies. And we get even more request of clients to refer them to reliable and professional clinic in their local areas. This course is not limited to any type of device or wavelength. This course is first principles based. It means that we teach you the meaning and effects of the treatment parameters. You can apply this to any type or make of machine. For example, we teach you the effect of pulse duration. Which pulse duration is most effective for hair removal. Why and how to use it to improve your results. The pulse duration can be adjusted in different ways on different devices, but the effects will be the same. We provide you with all study materials needed to complete the course. You will have full access to the online student platform 24 hours every day of the year. You will receive an e-copy of the textbook for your smart devices. assignments, reading, and live consultations with other therapists.


Start your training today


You will find an extensive range of lash extensions, glue, tweezers and more in our store.

In addition to our live courses, we also offer some of our courses in the form of online training.

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