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The Laser Lash and Brow Academy is proud to offer Laser Training Courses!

High tech treatment:

Photobiomodulation is the overlooked, misunderstood stepchild of the aesthetic laser and light industry. It is the most researched form of laser therapy by thousands of universities world-wide and yet it is seen as boring and ineffective by most people in the aesthetic industry. The reason is that it does not have the get-rich-quick-lure that high-power laser treatments have. The equipment is very affordable and results can be dramatic. Running costs are extremely low, because you don’t need consumables, the equipment is usually maintenance free and the direct cost of treatment is almost neglectable. The catch is that you have to take the time to figure it out. Once you’ve taken the time to figure this out, you have a knowledge set that you can build a career and a profitable business on. What is photobiomodulation and how does it differ from other light therapies? Photobiomodulation uses light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue that has either been injured, is degenerating, or else is at risk of dying. Photobiomodulation is only possible during a photochemical reaction. A photochemical reaction is when light is absorbed and it then start, enhance and/or regulates biochemical reactions present in the body. This light should not cause any thermal reaction (heat) in the body, since a thermal reaction causes an inflammatory response that stops photobiomodulation. In practice it means that photobiomodulation can only be achieved with low-level laser or LED-devices. High-power laser and IPL devices are not suitable for this type of treatments. Photobiomodulation is the name that is currently used in the scientific community. But, there are many other names in use. Maybe you know it as LED therapy, Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Soft Laser, Cold Laser, Chromotherapy or simply Light Therapy. Photobiomodulation is the most researched sub-type of laser therapy. There is currently more than 20 000 academic research papers from many universities world-wide about the different applications of photobiomodulation. Almost every salon and spa nowadays has at least one photobiomodulation device. This can range from a LED mask to a class 3 laser. Unfortunately, very few devise owners and users are trained to fully optimize there equipment.


What are the outcomes:

The two most important parameters for effective photobiomudulation are wavelength and energy. Although energy is the lesser important of the two, it is important to know that you will not succeed with too high energy and neither have much luck with too little energy. Various researchers throughout the years have found that you ideally want to deliver 4 J/cm2 to the target tissue. This should be delivered over a longer period to ensure that you only create a biochemical response and not a thermal or shock response. Time and time again, wavelength has been shown as the main success determining parameter when it comes to photobiomodulation. Equally important, is the way these wavelengths are used or combined. If done wrong a hugely diminished effect is observed in results. So far researchers have identified three super bio responsive wavelengths. This doesn’t mean that you will not have results with other wavelengths. What it means is that you will get superior results when you utilize these wavelengths. When you look at purchasing equipment you will find some units that provide you with LED’s for all three wavelengths. The secret to having success with these machines is so simple that most people simply overlook it. And for this reason often still have disappointing results. On completion of the Photobiomodulation Therapist Course, you will never again step into this trap. You get a Light Cure LED unit as part of your course material when you enrol for this course.
South African Health Products Regulating Authority (SAHPRA) License no.: 1807/33286 CE Medical Certificate no.: 9852-2017-CE-RGC-NA-PS


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