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A treatment which helps emphasize the eyelashes, making the eyes look larger

Firstly, as the name suggests: it is literally the ‘lifting of the eye lashes’.

This is a fantastic treatment which helps to emphasize the eyelashes, making the eyes look larger. Any length of lash can benefit from the shortest to the fullest and longest. The lash lift takes approximately 45 min to apply and can last for 6-8 weeks. It’s similar to the eyelash perm but with much better results. The lash lift system uses a silicon shield (rather than old fashioned perm rods) and each natural lash is lifted individually from the root giving the appearance of lift and volume to the eyelashes. You can also tint the lashes during this procedure for a more enhanced look. The gentle lifting solution means that there is no risk of any long term side effects to the lashes or their roots. It is a very safe treatment. The lashes remain lifted even when wet and will last for approximately 6-8 weeks. This is the perfect treatment for clients who don’t want eyelash extensions. Once clients experience this, they are hooked!

Included in the training:
• Manual

• Kit of your choice – Basic or Advanced
• Certificate

• Practical

• Light lunch and refreshments


You will find an extensive range of lash extensions, glue, tweezers and more in our store.

In addition to our live courses, we also offer some of our courses in the form of online training.

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