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The Laser Lash and Brow Academy is proud to offer Laser Training Courses!

High tech treatment:

Become a photobiomodulation therapist in your local area! What is a photobiomodulation therapist? A Photobiomodulation Therapist uses lasers and LED devices to treat the body for acute and chronic diseases and pain. You can work with a medical doctor, or provide these treatments on your own as co-lifestyle treatments.


The treatments you will be able to provide your clients include, but are not limited to:

Brain Disorders

• DD/ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

• Addiction

•Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia

• Autism

• Depression

Parkinson's Disease

• Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Healing & Pain Management

Lower Back Pain

• Stress Fractures

• Trigeminal Neuralgia

• Pain Management

Cancer Prevention Treatments

• Laser light reduces tumor progression while increasing metabolism of cultured cells

• Laser-treated tumors contain mature vessels & less pro-angiogenic macrophages

• Tumors treated by photobiomodulation are surrounded by lymphocytes & dendritic cells

• Laser light promotes secretion of type I interferons in vitro and in vivo

Sexual Health

• Male Hypogonadism

• Erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation & delayed ejaculation

• Gynaecological health:

- Reduce the risk of cervical, vaginal & vulvar cancer

- Birth Canal Rehabilitation

- Complete Treatment of the Vulva

- Eliminate Harmful Bacteria

- Detoxing/Eliminating Odours

- Reducing Vaginal Dryness


• Cognitive enhancement and learning

• Biohacking health and fitness

No previous medical, para-medical or wellness training is required. You will undergo complete training, starting with the online course, Photobiomodulation Therapist. This is an in-depth, scientific course that will lay the foundation for your new business. Practical training depends on the final device package you decide on. This training is provided at one of our local training centres in Gauteng.

More benefits of the course:

Marketing Support

You will receive your first 5000 flyers free & be listed on the website as a Photobiomodulation Therapist. You also get a personal email address,


Exclusivity - Brain & Body Advanced Package ONLY

You will get exclusivity in your location up to the size of 15000 inhabitants. This means that if you’re in a small town with less than 15000 inhabitants, you will have exclusivity for the whole town. If you’re in a city with more than 15000 inhabitants, you will have exclusivity for your suburb, plus surrounding suburbs up to 15000 inhabitants. This exclusivity is only limited to areas where no Light Care therapists are located. This means that if you choose the Brain and Body Advanced Package and there is currently no therapist listed, you get exclusivity for that area. No other Light Care therapist will be listed for that area for a period of 5 years. If you choose the Brain and Body Advanced Package and there is currently a therapist listed in your area, you will not get exclusivity for that area. However, the area will be locked and there will be no new therapists added to that area for a period of 7 years.

Continuous Support

You get access to the Photobiomodulation WhatsApp group. This means that you can ask questions and share experiences 24. 


Basic Package

• Transcranial helmet

• Cervical neck pad

• Light Cure Device

• This allows for the mobile treatment of brain diseases, wound healing, and some pain treatments. You will also be able to do a limited amount of skin treatments, like acne and eczema.

Brain & Body Package

• Transcranial Helmet

• Cervical Neck Pad

• Light Cure Device

• Full-body light bed

• HIEMT muscle builder

Colon cleansing machine (colon hydrotherapy machine)

• 2 x Male vibrator devices (for reselling)

• 2 x flexible LED body pads

• 2 x Sana Domina devices (for reselling)


Start your training today


You will find an extensive range of lash extensions, glue, tweezers and more in our store.

In addition to our live courses, we also offer some of our courses in the form of online training.

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